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Pay our tribesmen/women a visit! They are all the type of people you will need to meet before you leave this world.


Breach Bang Clear is a great collection of articles from some of the gun industry's finest. Military, Law Enforcement and Firearms enthusiasts alike should probably all be following them religiously. Give them a visit, read some articles, apply the concepts, because life is too short to die ignorant!

The Great House Morningwood

A Patreon website designed to bring gunmen together in harmony! Swearing fealty to them will net you an entire shithouse full of discount codes for gear you're likely already buying. You wanna save a few bucks?! Go look at the deals they're offering. Join up and bend the knee to them and you'll find yourself eligible for a lot of good stuff.

Two Cent Tactical

Read the brain pickings from one of our brothers from the north as he goes over the latest gear and guns. He also displays an extremely dangerous specimen of facial hair because, well...there's bears and shit up in Canada, and someone has to keep them in check by showing them who's the boss.

Fifty Shades of FDE

Ride the lightning with a SoCal cop on a mission to show you all things FDE and some other things too.

Bruiser Industries

Get in some legit training with these guys! Powered by a man that has forgotten more than most will ever know on precision shooting, this is the place for those looking to learn precision skills.

Greenside Training

Another house of learning, but for a ridiculously cool and unique skillset. These guys teach human tracking (among other things), and are certainly worth subscribing to.