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The guarantee fairy wants his MTV

So this entire web store thing is a new deal for me. I'm still learning how everything actually works, and it's slow going to say the least, but at least I am not stagnant in a sense that I am trying to learn new things and not sitting on only the knowledge I possessed yesterday or the day before. What is not a new thing for me is the parts we're shamelessly trying to peddle to you in trade for your tens of dollars. It was brought up to me yesterday that because of my inefficiency with website magic and internet jazz, our product base may not seem as credible as some of the others on the market today. It's true, I can not dazzle you with web building brilliance, but I can provide shit to riddle things with bullets. The following rant is ...  Read More

Weapons, Skeletor, and fat bullshit ninjas are all in your near future.

Ahhh, the hour is growing close! Soon, we shall launch this ecommerce collection of weapons, parts, cerakote services, mayhem and fuckery. Soon... If you're reading this as the most recent post, my apologies. I'm cranking out this website jazz just as fast as my neolithic brain can manage to. We are very close to going live with it, though. Check back with us very soon and for God's sake, follow us on instagram and facebook. You will find a whole lot of guns and weird shit there, and even some of our rifles and parts being featured.    Read More